The process, services and pricing

We'll begin with a discussion of your specific or general goals, and my estimation of time needed for the project. 

I will then send you a client contract as well as instructions on how to provide me with the necessary information I need regarding your parents, grandparents etc., including dates, places and whatever details you can provide for one or two generations beyond your own.

Depending on your goals and agreed upon time to spend on your project, I will begin research and start building a family tree (chart format).  A written report will complete the project.  These will be sent to you via email in PDF format and if you desire, we can discuss a hard copy as well.

Unless you have a specific goal for a particular record, a general search for your ancestors via primary records will include birth, marriage, death and census records.  Military, occupational, land, electoral, newspapers, immigration and travel records are often available and may be researched as well, depending on the contracted time.

Any insights I can provide in terms of historical context will be provided to you as well within your narrative report.  Some records will be pasted within the report and will be transcribed when necessary. Maps and stock photographs may be added for context.

When records are questionable but I believe are correct, explanations will be provided for my decision to include them.  Suggestions for further research may be provided. If your goals seem unattainable after preliminary research, I will notify you as soon as possible and we can discuss if there are other options.  If your ancestors can not be located at all, you will have a full report on the research regardless and I'll do my best to figure out why they weren't located. 

If you would like me to include your family photos within your report or as a title page, please send them in JPEG format.

  • A flat fee of $250.00 will include: 4 hours of research and additional time spent recording, creating and writing your report. (My annual subscriptions are factored into my pricing so there is no charge to you though an exception might be for records that are accessed on a per-record charge basis [such as from ScotlandsPeople] or should you wish to order an original record from a particular repository.  You will always be consulted first if any of these situations arise.) A deposit of $100.00 to be paid before I begin the research with the balance due upon completion.

  • Additional research or single record lookup can be requested at the rate of $40.00 per hour charged in one hour minimum increments. 

  • DNA testing consultation can be offered but will be charged separately. Typically a $40.00 fee will be charged for a consultation and a PDF that explains various testing options.

  • If you would like a website for your family tree so you can share it with others or simply have on-line access, I can build a website that includes the tree, reports and images as well as provide you with basic instruction in editing for future add-ons. The domain registration and subscriber fees would be your responsibility as would maintenance going forward.  As building a website is a new venture for me, we can discuss rates and estimated time involved.  I would use my provider and a similar platform to my own which I have built myself.

  • Prices are in U.S. dollars - current exchange rates will apply for non U.S. payments. I accept PayPal, check or money order.  Please contact me with any questions and I hope to help you discover your past!

(Scroll down for a brief look at record types and more.)

A record of my grandfather's provides his age, address, place of employment and next of kin
A record of my grandfather's provides his age, address, place of employment and next of kin

Your history uncovered- records and resources

Birth, marriage and death records


We'll start with primary records for your ancestors connecting them to you and each other. 

Census records


Often rich in detail, census records uncover  how your family lived, worked and where their parents came from.  

Additional records


Time permitting, we'll look for records of military service, immigration, testamentary,  burials or other records of interest.

Newspapers provide interest


Sometimes ancestors can be found in newspapers ~ Obituaries, garden clubs,  agricultural prizes and much, much more ~ when found, they can provide fascinating details, small and large.

Weaving a family together


When the research is complete, you will be provided a chart and narrative report tying your family together from one generation to the next. Some of your own photos can be included if you like.

DNA Guidance


Additionally, DNA testing guidance can be provided.  Ethnicity estimates, paternal surname projects and cousin matching can reveal the scientific side to you and your ancestral inheritance.